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What You Should Know about Sterling Silver Jewelry Sterling Silver accessories are some of the bestselling jewelry on the market today. The term sterling was first coined during the early English period. It was initially spelled as steorling meaning a little star. Sterling silver began to gain popularity in the 1950’s and it still stands strong in the art sector. If you feel like, you can still call silver standard. Silver dominates the composition of the sterling metal with the others coming in minuscule percentages. With the other metals in the sterling, the accessory is hardened and has its permanence increased. Most of the alloy is the copper metal. The silver metal in a sterling jewelry has 92.5% silver in general. There are other gold plated sterling jewelry referred to as vermeil or gold over sterling. As much as the standard silver jewelry is a bit affordable than the white gold accessories, the look is much the same. The silver jewelry is enormous and has an almost appealing look as that of the moon. With the greater comparison of the standard silver with gold features, the sterling has gained incomparable population in its market. Some prominent stylists use the sterling silver metal to make some astounding fixtures. Some are known for crafting multipurpose and imaginative sterling silver jewelry for women at times with leather or gemstones.
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Even though the standard silver jewelry is hardened with copper for permanence, proper care should be given for the metal to keep its appealing look. Your jewelry will get dull if you do not care for it as you should. Silver is known to lose its color once it mixes with sulfur. If however, your jewelry has discolored, there are maintenance steps that you can take. You can use a recommended polish to clean the sterling silver jewelry. Keep your jewelry from scratching, discoloration and prevent it from damage. Ensure to keep your jewelry safe in its container and do not let it mix with your household chemicals. Do not keep your jewelry in the water as a way of maintenance.
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You have nothing to worry about when it comes to health effects of the metal on your skin. It has no adverse chemical reactions. In preference, you can go for the handmade rather than the machine made jewelry. When it is handmade there is careful and accurate crafting that a hand achieves. It is hence more expensive as compared to non-manual made jewelry. Therefore, you are sure to have a unique design of your sterling silver jewelry since it’s hard to copy the same design from a different hand.