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Advantages of Law in a Society There are advantages of rules that have been put in place in a community. The regulations set aside in any society may be according to the culture, religion, or any other factors are important and very useful to any community. The relationship and how to solve anything causing friction among the people is provided in the law. The free will comes with the availability of set rules in any society. People who keep the law and stick to its stay at peace and free to do what they will. Those whose go against the set conditions are all the time getting governmental follow-up. The the government is often keen to get caught of the criminals are brought them to the courts for trials. People must be prevented when they break any law that is put in place to guide people. The people planning to break the law do it cautiously and must plan it carefully. Law must be taken care by all peoples in the country.
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Law in the society assists in protecting the people and especially the weak individuals from violence and attacks. One can figure out a country where individuals are free to do anything with no care or considerations. Killing people, looting, raping and abusing power would be some of the practices so common and happening in the society.
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Strong legal system protecting the population in an individual community stops the aggravation that would result from some people if there was no law, but the strong set regulations prevent such violent people from causing violence since they are afraid because of the harsh consequences. The free will to do exchange with an aim of gaining profit is available among people who are in a healthy and moving ahead society. In a society where there are legal people is free to move from one region to another searching for greener pastures. Checking for real economic growth surroundings. Individuals can carry out their activities better without getting afraid of any invasions and interruptions. if there are given and set conditions then the society is managed. A clean surrounding is one that provides for the well-being of the individuals in a surrounding. The set conditions protects people from an unwanted environment. The rules provided in the law to control the release of industrial wastes to the surrounding protects the water people require for domestic use, soil and even the air that people breathe. The the law protects the environment from being dirtied by such waste from industries. The conditions that have been set aside by the states cover the environment from harm and pollution by the wastes released from some of these manufacturing industries or sites.